Ghosts Vs. Ghostwriters 🙂

Ghostwriting is not the art of writing about ghosts, as one curious woman asked after seeing Boni’s BClear Writing email signature :-).

Ghostwriting is the practice of hiring someone to do your writing for you, or your business. Hire a ghostwriter when you lack the time, the confidence, or the experience to do it yourself.

Invest in Your Best, Delegate the Rest

(Credit for this headline goes to one of my long-term clients, executive coach Sharon Ranson of The Ranson Group.) It’s all about focusing on what you’re good at, what you know, and what it makes the most sense that you personally do and what makes sense to delegate. Even if you’re a smart, talented person, when you need your carburetor rebuilt, you will likely hire someone who specializes in this work rather than “figuring it out yourself”. Right? Or, if you're an old hand at rebuilding carburetors, but now you run a real estate brokerage, it's not likely wise to stop serving your clients and get your hands dirty in the machine shop. 

It’s the same with writing. It pays to hire someone who has the experience and expertise to do this for you, whether you want to publish a book or write about:

  • Your business approach
  • Content for your website
  • A policy document or white paper
  • An operations manual for your business, or
  • Curriculum content for the courses you teach, or 
  • Your life story.

Experience and Approach

You want to look for a ghostwriter who has some interest or experience in your subject matter. Expect the ghostwriter to turn first to you for research material, possibly including tape-recorded interviews. Expect the ghostwriter to submit drafts to you for information, fact-checking and/or approval, depending on your arrangement.  But don’t expect the ghostwriter to get a byline, or credit, for the work – your name will appear on the work as the author. No one but you and your ghostwriter needs to know you didn’t burn the midnight oil in front of the keyboard yourself.

BClear Writing’s Boni Wagner-Stafford has developed writing and story-telling expertise from her journalism and strategic corporate communications experience, which give her a unique ability to clarify the story, create a winning structure, and write in a compelling tone that aligns authentically with who you are.

Her ghostwriting repertoire includes e-books on yoga, health and wellness, whole foods and clean eating. She has written extensively for clients on topics such as crowdfunding, the US JOBS Act, manufacturing processes, entrepreneurship, aviation, marketing, IT, finance, tourism, travel, and corporate leadership and culture.

To discuss a ghostwriting arrangement with BClear Writing, email today.


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