8 Signs You Need to Take a Break from Your Business

8 Signs You Need to Take a Break from Your Business

Big ideas and small pockets, long to-do lists and short of help is a recipe that can take twelve to eighteen hours a day on full-throttle as you juggle the demands of HR, accounting and budgeting, sales, customer service, webmaster and marketing.

If you’re one of those small business entrepreneurs who feels the pinch and pressure of time and you don’t take breaks for yourself – you are on a slippery slope toward ineffectiveness or worse, a health crisis.

Focusing Your Brand’s Target Market

Originally published on FOCUS. It’s a powerful word in the world of an entrepreneur. FOCUS on your goals. Structure your day so you can FOCUS getting the important things done. FOCUS on your revenue objectives. FOCUS on your customers. There’s lots of advice available out there to help entrepreneurs and business owners FOCUS on what’s important. My personal experience…

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