Friends with Fibro

The Trauma Trigger

The Friends with Fibro book will be published shortly. Written by someone with fibromyalgia, it is for and about the people – and their families – who live with the chronic pain and fatigue disorder called fibromyalgia.

Being a fibromyalgia survivor isn’t exactly fun. But there are calm and beautiful moments. Sometimes just noticing these moments gives us enough energy to get to the next hour. Connecting with others – who know what life with fibromyalgia is like – is one way to open our hearts and minds to those moments, to doing the living that life has served up even though we did not choose this disorder.

Personal Stories in the Friends With Fibro Book

Full of personal stories, as well as the stories of others interviewed by the author, the Friends With Fibro book reveals what it’s like to live, work, run a business, raise a family, participate in social events, and self-advocate while navigating a medical system not set up to deal with fibromyalgia.

These Friends with Fibro stories about life with fibro, treatments and approaches, successes and try-again scenarios from fibro warriors in the trenches will inform the book as well as posts here. Through the sharing of experiences, it will help connect those of us living with what is often an isolating condition, our spouses, partners and friends, and perhaps even the medical and research community.


Experiences like Shawna’s, for example.

Shawna’s fibromyalgia diagnosis was a happy day – the day she had medical validation that she wasn’t imagining things, she wasn’t crazy, her illness was real and had a name. But like so many others diagnosed and then abandoned by a medical system ill-equipped to deal with this burgeoning auto-immune disorder, she soon realized she was more on her own than ever.

Shawna believes her fibromyalgia trigger was childhood trauma. Raped by her father, abused by her uncles, beaten by her stepmother, and forced to eat her own vomit by her grandmother, Shawna grew up relying on the numbing effects of alcohol and drugs to survive. But survive she did, raising her own daughter, holding down a good government job, buying a home.

Friends with Fibro tells Shawna’s story and the stories of other fibromyalgia survivors as a way to help build an understanding of the often, but not always, devastating impact of this disease. From tragic stories like Shawna’s spring hope, as we learn about the heroic persistence of searching and failing, then searching and finding ways to manage, to function, and yes, to enjoy life with fibromyalgia. Friends with Fibro shows us how our own attitudes around acceptance and trust may be the most powerful instrument in our toolbox, and that we’re never, ever alone.

Boni’s Diagnosis

My own fibromyalgia diagnosis came nearly 15 years ago, after more than a decade of medical searches, queries, tests and examinations for the cause of myriad complaints. I’ve read dozens of books, tried a gazillion treatments, methods, and approaches. I don’t have all the answers, indeed some days I wonder if I have any answers at all! I am Canadian, a former award-winning journalist, now an independent writer living and working aboard Ingenium, my 40’ sailboat currently in Mexico’s Sea of Cortez.

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Friends with Fibro is a book-in-process. It is being written by, for and about people who live with the chronic pain and fatigue disorder called fibromyalgia. Ask for regular updates below. * = required field Fibro Groups

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