Non-fiction Editing

Even the best, most experienced writers benefit from outside help in the form of editing. Non-fiction editing engages another set of eyes that are trained in and experienced with identifying structural and strategic improvements in your work. This will help your readers get the most out of the reading experience.

Many are confused about the depth of editing work required before a piece of non-fiction work is ready for a pitch to a publisher. Copy-editing – looking for typos, correct word usage, sentence and paragraph structure – usually isn’t enough. Copy-editing is important, of course, as is proof-reading, but these functions are only a small part of an effective, thorough non-fiction editing job.

A great non-fiction editor will help you:

  • Focus so that you are talking to your desired audience
  • Clarify the objective of your work, including what you want your readers to do/think/feel
  • Ensure your structure makes sense, flows easily, so that it appears seamless to your readers
  • Deliver on the promise of your book/project title, chapter or section headings deliver
  • By copy-editing your manuscripts, once the strategic and structural work is done, and
  • Format your work so that it is publish-ready (optional).

With Boni Wagner-Stafford and BClear Writing, you’re getting the benefit of strategic, structural editing experience and your project will be much better for it. It’s labour-intensive work, sometimes requiring rewriting, moving content around, adding or deleting entire sections. It’s an important part of the work and your manuscript will be much stronger – and more likely to get published, bought and read – at the end of this process.

Boni has also managed the editing process of government policy papers and budget documents, long-form journalistic documentaries, and has worked with authors on books about business, corporate culture, financial planning, healthy eating and food and personal relationships, to name a few.

If you’d like to explore engaging Boni as a non-fiction editor for your project, contact us today.