You Feel Bad. Is it Your Head, Your Heart or Your Fibromyalgia?

No matter how healthy I eat, which vitamins I take, whether I do yoga regularly and get enough good sleep… I still sometimes have days where I just…. can’t….get….anything done. Does that happen to you? It’s happening to me today. So is it my head, heart or fibro? Is there something wrong emotionally?

There’s a process I go through to figure it out. Maybe it will work for you.

Scan Your Body

What is happening in your body? Do a scan of your body, from your head to your toes. Do you hurt there, or there? Is this part of your body, or that part, weaker than normal? How’s your fatigue? Sometimes, like today, my scan reveals that my fatigue has settled in a particular spot in my body. Today it’s at the base of my lungs, in the back. Sometimes it’s my legs, usually my quads. Other days, my hands. And every now and then – not often – there’s nothing to notice in my body at all. That’s when I celebrate!

Scan Your Emotions

How are you feeling? When I was starting to do this I needed to consult a list of emotions to check against. I wasn’t very good at identifying and connecting with my emotions – which meant they were in control of me, not the other way around. So I check: am I sad? disappointed? let down? dejected? angry? happy? trusting? (Did you know trust is an emotion?) Depending on which emotions I’m feeling, I either develop an action plan to change what’s triggering the emotion, or I know I just need to ride it out. I live in the feeling, observe it, and know it will soon pass.

Scan Your Environment

Is there something in your surroundings that is getting to you? Too much noise when you have trouble focusing? Too much quiet when you need some distraction? Is there a smell getting to you? A mess you’ve been ignoring, or that isn’t yours to take care of but that is bothersome? If I can change what isn’t working in my environment, I do. If I can’t change what isn’t working, then I change my environment and relocate.

Scan Your To-do List

Take a good look at what’s on your to-do list. We all have things we have to do that we don’t want to do, right? So sometimes I find there’s a thing at the top of my list that I’m not keen to get to. If I find that’s the case, I look past the top of the list for something further down that I am excited to do. And I start there.

Consider Your Food

Food plays a biiiiggg role in my fibromyalgia. A few days eating clean and green and I noticeably have more energy, sleep better and have less pain. On the other end, a few days where I’ve had a piece of pizza (wheat), maybe some packaged snack food (preservatives) and I instantly feel worse.

Head, Heart or Fibro

Once you’ve gone through all of these checks, you will know whether you feel bad because of your head, heart or fibro. And you’ll have the information to determine your next step. Today, I know that because of my fibro, I’m simply feeling really tired after a hard (for me) yoga class yesterday. There’s nothing else going on. And there’s nothing on my to-do list that can’t be put off until tomorrow. So I’m going to lie down and rest.

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One thought on “You Feel Bad. Is it Your Head, Your Heart or Your Fibromyalgia?

  1. Ginny

    I really appreciate this one. Often I don’t take the time to dissect and with all the time I have shame on me! Thanks for putting me in my place, kindly, gently and very intellectually.

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